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7 Quick Greek Meals

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More often than not, you will feel like there are not enough hours in a day. There is just too much to do and once you get home dinner is a necessity and not a luxury. You do not have a lot of time to prepare something for yourself or your family. However, everyone is looking to you for a meal. What do you do?
Well, I’d like to help you out. Below are 7 great Greek recipes you can whip up in no time.
Therefore, even when you're having one of those days where time just slips away, you can be a hero in the kitchen and enjoy a nice meal.

  1. 1.Scallops and Greek Noodles (20min) Talk about being quick - this being done, from start to table, in about 20 minutes. Since it’s made with scallops, it is packed with protein. Also, most of the calories will come from the noodles, which are semolina based and easier to digest. Easy to scale up and make double. Perfect for not only a quick dinner, but with leftovers, make the perfect lunch the following day. How often can you cook a double use meal in under 20 minutes?   
  2. 2.Greek Quinoa Salad (30min). With quinoa being all the range now a days, this is the perfect meal to introduce quinoa to the family or satisfy a knack for it. Loaded with veggies, it is extremely healthy, as quinoa is a healthy grain (not pasta) and a little goes a long way. Talk about a guilt-free dinner.  
  3. 3.Tomato soup with orzo (30 min) One of our favorite soups, this recipe is like number 1 as it can easily be scaled to make extra for the following day or a big family. Using a hand mixer to blend all the ingredients together creates a thick creamy soup and is a favorite in our home. Next time you’re in a pinch, make some Greek tomato soup.
  4. 4.Corfu Fish Stew (30min) -  Have some fish in the freezer? This might be the dish to make! Talk about healthy, using your favorite fish, a broth with some onions, spices, and boom - a tasty dish ready in 30.
  5. 5.Greek Lamb Sliders (25min) Ground lamb in the fridge?  Then this is a must. Combine it with some herbs, olives, feta, and you’re off to the races. Throw it on the grill (or cook over the stove) and you’ll be ready to go wherever the meat reaches the way you like it.
  6. 6.Nachos - Greek Style (15min) This is really for all the single guys, or people who love nachos. When Jane’s out, and it’s only me to worry about - I’ll default to this. Grab a beer and turn on some football. It’s healthier than regular nachos, so I don’t feel guilty.
  7. 7.Spetsofai | Sausages With Bell Peppers (30 min) Have some sausage in the fridge with some bell peppers? Then you’re a go for this dish. Cook it all in some tomato sauce and enjoy a quick tasty meal.

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